Classifications of Artistic Tiles

There are three main classifications of hand painted tile available today. This Section will cover each of these, and will provide some examples and descriptions of each.


Antique Tiles - The first is Antique hand painted tile. This is hand painted tile from the early 19th century and before. It is mainly salvaged tile from old buildings and now available for sale. There is of-course a very limited availability, and it may be very difficult to find a unique desired style or subject matter. In addition these tiles often carry a certain amount of wear and or damage.


Reproductions of Antique Tiles - The second are modern reproductions of Antique hand painted tiles,and are hand painted by an artist. These are copies of original antique designs and patterns, and are faithfully and expertly reproduced. They can be pre-made and offered for sale by the artist, or can be commissioned by the customer and based on a customer supplied photo or desired style.


Original Design Tiles - The third is original hand painted tile. This is the most diverse class and contains many subclasses, or designs and styles. This is any artist created original, or customer commissioned and designed hand painted tile. We define this as any style or form of hand painted tile, not directly based on or designed to reproduce exactly, an Antique tile.

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