Buying Hand Painted Tiles

Most hand painted tiles are made to order and are custom designed specifically to meet your project parameters. It is for this reason that the artist you choose will become the single most important component in your hand painted tile project.

As with any form of art, the painters of hand painted tile represent a wide range of varied artistic talent, artistic abilities and artistic styles and expressions. We recommend for this reason, that you spend some extensive time researching the resources on this site, as well as your own (neighborhood tile stores, books, magazines, or other knowledge bases) and compare the many options available to you. Our Directory of Artisans can serve as an invaluable resource and a great jumping off point in this process.

A skilled commissioned Hand Painted Tile artist should be able to reproduce any image or theme on tile for you (provided it does not violate any copyright laws), and should as well be able to design an original creation for you based on your and/or their ideas with regard to your particular project parameters.

It is advisable that you deal with a well established Tile Artist or Art Studio, that can offer you many examples of their previous work, and one that will offer you a pre-sale consultation, free* initial sketches and a firm estimate before you forward any deposits. *Some Artists may ask for a nominal fee for initial sketches applied towards your purchase.

IMPORTANT - The artist you select for your project should be able to accurately match any project specific color pallet by custom mixing tile paint pigments and offering you a tile sample of the various project specific custom colors. Make sure this tile sample is provided and approved before any painting begins. It is very important that you approve all color and Design choices before any production begins, since commissioned Hand Painted Tile orders are usually nonrefundable, and require a 50% advance deposit.

Need to find out how much tile you will need? Use our HGTV TILE CALCULATOR Link (left).

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